An AI Playground: Navigating Technology and Motherhood.

February 8, 2023
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As a parent, navigating the world of technology with our children can be daunting.

With so much content available online, it can be difficult to know what is safe for them to consume, and what might be best kept at bay.

However, as the owners of a Creative Marketing Agency, my partner and I believe in the importance of encouraging our children to engage with technology in fun and experimental ways.

One way we have been doing this is through the use of AI tools to create art.

In a world where so much content is consumed passively, we feel it is important to encourage content creation instead of mindless consumption. The excitement of discovering the limitless possibilities of AI art was a personal thrill for me, and I was eager to share this experience with my 4-year-old daughter.

Prompt: "She (a blonde 4 yr old girl) is a superhero, looking for animals to save, she is in the dark, but it's ok! Because she has a magic light!"

Our journey into AI art began when my daughter would come up with prompts from her imagination, and I would input them into an AI tool (We started with ‘Midjourney’).

We watched in wonder as the tool brought her ideas to life. This was not only a fun pastime for all of us, but it also provided a number of learning opportunities for my daughter.

Prompt: "A Papi looking for a unicorn to see if it wants to live with him. The unicorn has pink hair and wants to live with the Papi"

It is helping her to develop and explore the depths of her imagination and to increase her vocabulary, as she has to think carefully about the words she is choosing.

Our children are growing up bilingual, so this emphasis on bringing language to life has been especially significant and it's a joy to see them play with it.

It has also sparked our daughters curiosity in real-world art, as we explored together different styles and artists. The moment where her imagination meets her real world experience is a wonder to witness.

We have seen unicorns doing all manner of things, in the style of Miró (inspired by an exhibition she had recently seen), and in the style of ancient egyptian pyramid wall art (inspired by street graffiti near our home).

One of the most important things I have taken away from our experience with AI art is the message of empowerment it provides a young child, especially a female child. She learns that her words matter, and she can create something uniquely fantastical out of her own mind.

This kind of understanding and knowledge at such a young age is a gift that I am honoured to be a part of. In conclusion, I am grateful for my discovery of AI Art and the opportunities it has provided my daughter and I.

We are learning, playing and creating together.

As society continues to become increasingly intertwined with technology, we believe it is important to find safe and creative ways for the younger generation to engage with it.

Sian & Vinny @notbadstudio

Prompt: "Butterflys are flying in and out of my hand when I turn my magic light on and off"
Prompt: "A fish poured coffee on herself and she is trying to wash it off, but she needs help and kisses."