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The new frontier for
marketing solutions.

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, we deliver strategies rooted in data, amplified by the finesse of human creativity, and streamlined through Ai-driven implementation. Join us on this forward-thinking journey where we don't just anticipate the curve - we're driving it.

Ai Packages

Start your journey into AI-enhanced marketing with our AI Personality Training package. This is the perfect starting point for businesses exploring the benefits of AI. With this package, you'll get:

A deep-dive brand immersion session, where our AI maestros work closely with you to understand and infuse your unique brand personality into the AI tools we employ.

Continuous monthly updates to ensure your AI tools stay up-to-date and relevant, perfectly mirroring your brand's evolving persona.

This package is designed to give you fast access to personalised marketing material via NOTBADSTUDIO at a low cost, as and when you need them.

From £200 per month

Take the next step with our Intermediate Plus package. This package bridges the gap between our AI Personality Training and Starter Pro packages, providing a blend of AI efficiency and human creativity. With this package, you'll get:

All the benefits of the AI Personality Training package.

Combined content creation: AI-assisted social media posts with human-assisted creative and brand personalised imagery (up to 10 per month) and blog brand relevant posts (up to 4 per month).

This package is designed to provide an increased volume of content while maintaining a focus on cost efficiency.

From £1000 per month

Dive into the digital world with our Starter Pro package. It's the perfect blend of AI wizardry and human creativity, tailored for businesses ready to establish a dynamic, visually appealing and personalised online presence. With this package, you'll get:

A deep-dive brand immersion session, where our AI maestros and graphic design gurus come together to infuse your unique brand personality into the AI tools we employ.

Combined content creation: Expertly written and visually stunning personalised social media posts (up to 20 per month).

SEO-friendly blog posts (up to 6 per month), each sprinkled with custom graphics.

From £2000 per month

Take your brand to the next level with our Growth Accelerator package. This package is specifically designed for businesses that are ready to make a substantial impact and create a lasting impression in their industry. This package builds upon the services included in the Starter and Intermediate Plus packages, adding a significant new dimension - the integration of brand-relevant videography.

More combined content creation: Our seasoned creatives will work closely with advanced AI tools to deliver engaging, personalized social media posts (up to 20 per month) and compelling blog posts (up to 6 per month). These pieces of content will not only feature standout graphics but will be enhanced by high-quality, brand-relevant video content, ensuring your brand's message is both seen and heard.

Setup and management of AI-powered customer service chats: Customer engagement is key to growth, and with up to 1000 interactions per month, we'll ensure your customers are always heard and their needs are promptly addressed.

Bi-monthly refinements to your AI: Based on customer interaction reports, we'll fine-tune your AI bi-monthly, ensuring it continues to effectively communicate your brand personality and values.

Comprehensive content for marketing campaigns: With up to 1 comprehensive marketing campaign per month, your brand's presence will be felt across various platforms. Each campaign will include persuasive copy, eye-catching personalised design, and, distinctively, stunning video content, giving your brand the dynamic presence it deserves.

Experience the synergistic impact of combining human creativity, brand-focused videography, and AI-driven efficiency in a package designed to accelerate your growth.

From £7000 per month

For businesses ready to be industry leaders, our Enterprise Powerhouse Plus package offers a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge solutions. Alongside all the perks from the Growth Accelerator Plus package, you'll get:

A full-blown social media strategy, including a detailed content calendar, infused with a strategic visual design plan.

Unlimited AI-powered customer service chat interactions.

Weekly fine-tuning of your AI based on detailed customer interaction reports.

Expanded content creation for marketing campaigns (up to 3 campaigns per month), each thoughtfully designed, meticulously crafted, and supplemented with high-quality video content.

A meticulously curated FAQ database.

Multilingual content creation capabilities (up to 2 additional languages), each with suitable design assets.

Automation Design and Implementation: NOTBADSTUDIO team will work with you to define what AI automations would make your business work smoother, and then create them for you!

From £8000 per month

Our Custom Innovation Suite is for businesses that want a touch of personalisation. This package allows you to mix and match services to meet your unique needs and aspirations. We'll collaborate closely, using a range of Ai tools to craft a package that aligns perfectly with your brand vision. Here's a glimpse of what we can do:

Podcast Creation:
We can leverage Ai technologies to generate engaging podcast scripts and voiceovers. Picture a year's worth of weekly podcast episodes, each reflecting your brand's voice and ethos.

Ai-Generated Visual Content:
We can utilise Ai tools to create a wide array of visual content. From social media posts to website visuals and promotional materials, the possibilities are endless.

Data-Driven Strategies:
By harnessing Ai tools for data analysis, we can delve deep into your audience's preferences and behaviours, tailoring our content creation and marketing strategies accordingly.

CRM Automation:
We can use Ai to set up and automate your CRM processes, such as Hubspot, ensuring seamless customer relationship management.

Multichannel Customer Service:
We can use Ai tools to provide round-the-clock customer service across various platforms, ensuring your customers are always taken care of.

Innovative Campaigns:
By combining creative Ai tools, we can construct groundbreaking campaigns, each complete with Ai-designed visuals for an immersive multi-platform experience.

The Custom Innovation Suite is a highly personalised service, pricing can be determined based on your specific requirements and the scope of the project. Together, we'll push boundaries and explore what's possible when human creativity meets Ai innovation.