GSK Consumer Healthcare is exploring the use of Pulpex bottles within both its wellness and oral health categories, as an innovative paper-based alternative to plastic and glass. Centrum is the world's number one multivitamin brand. parodontax is Europe's number one gum care brand, helping to stop bleeding gums since 1937.


As one of the world’s largest consumer healthcare companies that exists to deliver better everyday health with humanity, we want to provide people with better, more sustainable healthcare solutions which continue to meet the highest standards for quality and safety.


This new technology is a great example of offering the same high-quality appearance and performance, while making our packaging more environmentally sustainable. It is an important investment in the future of our brands and supports the delivery of our goal to reduce our use of virgin petroleum-based plastic by 1/3rd by 2030, with a 10% reduction by 2025 (versus our 2020 baseline). We hope that by trialing this technology for our

industry, others will be able to follow.