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In order to create an authentic brand, science and art should work together.

To us, branding is about more than just visual design. More than ever, a brand needs to convey a credible, distinctive personality. We can build the complete brand, covering all media and all touch-points with competitors stand-out front of mind.

Core branding services:

Brand Strategy
Corporate Identity
Editorial design
Tone of voice
Brand guardianship
Guidelines and brandbook
Visual identity
Branding assets

Compelling digital design solutions.

At NOT BAD STUDIO, we create engaging digital design experiences led by creative originality and underpinned by technology.

We offer the most innovative and effective solutions for businesses of all sizes. Using the digital medium to communicate more efficiently, we focus on what digital can do, not how it works.

We use the power of digital to make your brand stand out by taking an analytical approach and weighing all options objectively before wasting time and budget in the wrong places for your brand. 

Core digital services:

Digital strategy
Web design
Information architecture
User experience
Design concepts
Content creation
Web Development
App Development

Neutral about media. Biased toward success.

Our marketing strategies are based on clear objectives, before we start a marketing project we consider the ideal end result. What does a client want to say, promote and achieve?

As seasoned campaigners, we take a balanced view of the audience, the message, and the medium. We ask searching questions because we don’t claim to know all the answers. And we investigate the relative merits of our client's products, promotions, and services.

All our marketing strategies are rooted in basic truths derived from data analytics. We take a data-driven approach because we don't just want short-term wins but thrive for long-term success.

Core marketing services:

Marketing strategy
UX performance evaluation
Audience persona’s
Research & reporting
Social media
Content marketing
Design concepts
Creative direction
Top-level messaging
Channels strategy

For businesses ready to be industry leaders, our Enterprise Powerhouse Plus package offers a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge solutions. Alongside all the perks from the Growth Accelerator Plus package, you'll get:

A full-blown social media strategy, including a detailed content calendar, infused with a strategic visual design plan.

Unlimited AI-powered customer service chat interactions.Weekly fine-tuning of your AI based on detailed customer interaction reports.

Expanded content creation for marketing campaigns (up to 3 campaigns per month), each thoughtfully designed, meticulously crafted, and supplemented with high-quality video content.A meticulously curated FAQ database.

Multilingual content creation capabilities (up to 2 additional languages), each with suitable design assets.

Our Custom Innovation Suite is for businesses that want a touch of personalisation. This package allows you to mix and match services to meet your unique needs and aspirations. We'll collaborate closely, using a range of AI tools to craft a package that aligns perfectly with your brand vision. Here's a glimpse of what we can do:

Podcast Creation:
We can leverage AI technologies to generate engaging podcast scripts and voiceovers. Picture a year's worth of weekly podcast episodes, each reflecting your brand's voice and ethos.

AI-Generated Visual Content:
We can utilise AI tools to create a wide array of visual content. From social media posts to website visuals and promotional materials, the possibilities are endless.

Data-Driven Strategies:
By harnessing AI tools for data analysis, we can delve deep into your audience's preferences and behaviours, tailoring our content creation and marketing strategies accordingly.

CRM Automation:
We can use AI to set up and automate your CRM processes, such as Hubspot, ensuring seamless customer relationship management.

Multichannel Customer Service:
We can use AI tools to provide round-the-clock customer service across various platforms, ensuring your customers are always taken care of.

Innovative Campaigns:
By combining creative AI tools, we can construct groundbreaking campaigns, each complete with AI-designed visuals for an immersive multi-platform experience.